(Click on the title to watch; some of these movies are hard to find online, so I would suggest trying to get it on Netflix, buying it, or going to your local library. If any links are broken, please let me know!)

MIRACLE - You will laugh, you will cry, and you will have all the feelings. A feel-good underdog story chronicling the 1980 Olympic Miracle on Ice. By the end, no matter your nationality, you’ll be shouting, “AMURRICA!”

GOON - A raunchy and hilarious film about a true bruiser featuring slapstick comedy and a surprising amount of heart. (AKA this is the movie those hilarious gifsets are from.)

SLAPSHOT - A failing ice hockey team uses constant fighting and violence during games to draw fans to their games and keep their team from being sold. Raunchy, violent, and very funny - one point, a player starts stripping on the ice. Nuff said.

POND HOCKEY - A documentary chronicling the evolution of pond hockey and the first pond hockey tournament. Fascinating and entertaining, even if documentaries aren’t your thing. Best of, it features Wayne Gretzky and our own Patrick Kane.

THE MIGHTY DUCKS - Does this movie even need an introduction? It’s the movie of every hockey fan’s childhood.

THE ROCKET - An excellent film about Quebec’s most famous hockey player, Maurice “The Rocket” Richard, focusing on the struggles of a French Canadian in the National Hockey League dominated by Anglophones.

And, a few bonus movies I haven’t seen but that are still highly recommended:

MYSTERY, ALASKA - In a tiny Alaskan town, hockey is a huge deal. The tiny ten-man league has a game against the New York Rangers, and the movie follows the small town team’s journey as they prepare for the biggest game of their lives. 

WAKING UP WALLY - Walter Gretzky, the ultimate hockey dad, recounts his superstar son’s remarkable rise to fame in this biographical drama. He struggles to remember his true impact on his son’s career in the wake of stroke, and the viewer rediscovers his life and Wayne’s career with him. Deeply touching.

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